would scarlett have made these into a dress?

while working on our house, i had this vision… to make an Orange, Black/White bathroom… the following is the result.  I made these curtains from $19.99 cafe curtains (

i went to the famous sag harbor ‘five and dime’ store that has quite an impressive crafting section to buy 1) striped ribbon 2) rope 3) invisible double-sided iron-on tape for the hem (what a mouthful!)

i cut the curtains to line up with the edge of the window ledge, then made a ‘hem’ with the iron-on tape, and used a nifty (cheating!) glue gun for the ribbon and rope feature.  (if i’d really been fancy i would have hand sewn this part, don’t tell my mother the truth)


this is the rest of the bathroom- looks pretty sweet, huh?  the bahama wall paper and BRIGHT orange paint really compliment each other

and a little funny – she did a pretty swell job, that scarlett…

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