this ain’t no picklin’ jar

Being a gal of the South, I can’t help but tell all ya’ll about my new found obsession…(can you hear my accent coming back already?) a trend has begun in the crafting world to turn old mason jars into-what! lamps?! Yes, friends, it is possible.  Take a mason jar with lid- drill hole in top of said lid, insert a regular light bulb base and put inside whatever flora or fauna your little heart desires.  These can be made as desk lamps or hung upside down in clusters from a ceiling as a chandelier style– go crazy !


included i photographed ideas of what to put inside your jar, seashells from your latest trip to St. Barts, faux birds from the flower district, colored pencils from your child’s playroom; in essence there are no rules.


Fill with heart-shaped sugar cookies for your sweetie on the 14th, place a wrapped gift inside for granma’s birthday… i could go on and on ! Happy crafting-love, akn

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