morrocan table goes Zing !

i had this vintage side table i found (yes, believe me) leaned up against a dumpster in my old building of 250 Moore St, Bushwick, NY, Earth.  It was originally plain brown wood, no paint. he lived in my loft there for a while, a painted with white and blue paint and changed out the knobs to Anthropologie ones…
but something just wasn’t right in our new digs.  so i had a spell of genius pass over me and…

this paint is valspar ‘poppy’ in high gloss.

i used a thatch print stencil i found on ebay for the accent.
a bronze metallic spray paint creates the shiny sparkly design.
and this is the final look ! Voila, mes amis ! even my husband who isn’t keen to notice such things said ‘Oh wow, that looks so much better ! ‘  … a little paint and creativity gave this old table a fab new feel…and she now complements my magenta/lime/mustard yellow dining decor… success !!! winning ! (sorry, had to….)

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