josephine’s miami beach glamour in the sky

this weekend we visited miami beach, fl for the holiday.  this is my grandmother-in-law, josephine vineberg’s beautiful collins avenue condo.  below is the view off her veranda; great for hurricane tracking or people watching on the many boats and yachts below…

she has lived here for decades and although not a professional decorator has quite a knack for the pristinely divine.

josephine has lived a grandiose life; travelling the world collecting furniture and accessories from far away lands.

she knows just how to pair the classic color combo; blue and white…

she is an avid reader and has an extensive library full of mystery novels (her favorite).  some are first editions and rare finds

jo commisioned this bar and breakfast nook, made of two giant slabs of heavy blue marble.  i can’t imagine who got to carry that up the elevator.

a powder room fit for a queen – this wall on left is completely mirrored, on the opposite wall sits framed sheet music of favorite musicals, and a white, soft fur serves as a bath mat.

and here is jo herself.  i’ve never seen her without a bright matching outfit, full face of makeup and hair coiffed in movie-star level perfection.

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