garage makeover

Who needs a garage?  We decided to nix the garage part of the house and add on an entertainment suite or ‘great room’ as they like to call it out east.  We installed a gas (remote control!) fireplace, four skylights and lots of windows so we can see who’s in the pool or stealing our garbage cans.  The bookshelves were built in and I chose Benjamin Moore ‘Blue Jeans’ paint for the insides- nifty, huh !?  A tile floor with wood grain was laid down to look like wood but easier on a body to clean.  The bar was my personal touch; our contracter said..’yes but what do YOU want in the room, annie?’…
Here’s the before:

 Here’s the after:


and voila ! the finished product here- we love getting cozy by this fireplace in the winter or dancing on the furniture with mojitos in the summer : )  this is our happy place; now go find yours !

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