Bringing Back the Barcart

Once a household standard, the idea of a bar cart is making a welcomed comeback.  With hit tv-shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, we are reminded that Yes, America- you do like to throw back a martini or two.  In the 1970′s many homes came equipped with built-in bars or even wet-bars.  That trend has slowly dissipated in the past few decades and thus brings back a need for a little cart that can be wheeled from your parlor to the patio, a fantastic addition to a party or for unwinding in your favorite chair.  This bar cart (scored off e-bay recently) is a vintage all lucite version for a modern, sleek look.  Pick a few of your favorite liqueurs, add a few funky thrift-store glassware pieces and a martini shaker, voila ! Cheers to the first brontosaurus inc. blog post !

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